DNAevolution DISK

Index . Manage . Move . Protect

With increased amounts of data over multiple tiers of disk across both local and remote locations, DNAevolution DISK is an essential disk management tool.

Live Migration

What it does

DNAevolution Disk
enables migrating one
or more older storage
platforms to newer
storage. It is unique in
its ability to migrate
projects while they are

Migrating to newer SAN/NAS while active projects are in progress is a major challenge

A Disk Management Platform For Modern
Data Management Challenges

Subscription Pricing

for 600 TB Moved/Indexed


Ensuring that the pipeline stays up through disk and operator failures is ever so critical

4K is resulting in more data with more complex workflows (proxy, conform) stressing storage infrastructures



Multiple tiers of disk (primary, SSD,
Nearline) are emerging making
management more challenging

Disk Challenges

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What it does

DNAevolution Disk
enables project or
workspace level
mirroring for backup.
Since it mirrors,
projects can be
relinked for instant

Project Management

What it does

DNAevolution Disk
allows users to move
projects or part of the
project (bins) to
another storage while
maintaining access.
And both Avid and
Adobe are supported.

Metadata Indexing & Search

What it does

DNAevolution Disk has
a powerful incremental
indexer (full extraction
of over 200 formats)
allowing users to
automatically harvest
hard drives, online and
nearline storage.

Search & Conform Tool

What it does

DNAevolution Disk has
a user driven and AAF/
XML/EDL driven
search engine that
simplifies numerous
conform workflows.